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Africa’s unremembered remembered

For over a century, white soldiers were remembered by name in memorials but the black and brown who perished in British colonial uniform were ignored. Finally, a great wrong is being righted.

Manufacturing consent in the digital age

In the shadow of the West’s imperial wars, propaganda is now re-fashioning itself. By Boubacar Boris Diop. In mid-June 2012, millions of people received an email …

Sierra Leone: radiance of tomorrow

Sierra Leone’s child-soldier done good, Ishmael Beah, has published another book following on from his first in 2007, which detailed his gruesome life as a …

Rwanda: A survivor’s story

This is the story of a survivor of Rwanda’s genocide. Angelique Umugwaneza, a Hutu, was 13 at the time it happened in 1994. Her new book about …