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African authors – writing for the world

African writers are still in the throes of getting their words firmly planted on the world’s literary map, but their remarkable talents are finally receiving the recognition they deserve. Gail Collins reports.

Soyinka Prize Grows In Popularity

The Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa comes with a medal and a $20,000 reward, and has become a symbol of knowledge, creativity, courage …

Wole Soyinka: Straight Talking

Wole Soyinka, the rather elusive literary-great to, ostensibly, discuss his new book, Of Africa, but their conversation took a few necessary detours. In this exclusive …

When Wole Soyinka Craked The Whip

Nigeria’s security, economic and ethical challenges must energise its political elite into diligently resolving the country’s problems before it is too late, reports our Associate …