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Masquerading Africa

Everywhere in Africa, people take on roles they cannot fulfil – but the worst part is that we go along with this pretence and then express disappointment when they fail to deliver. 

Big time betting comes to Africa

While betting on soccer and horse racing has a long tradition in Africa, the modern version using digital platforms and heavy marketing, takes gambling to …

The rebirth of Ethiopia?

The election of Dr. Abiy Ahmed as Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister could well prove to be a pivotal moment in the country’s history. Suddenly, everything …

Irony of ironies

 The Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission set up by President Adama Barrow to investigate human rights violations during the 22-year reign of former Head of …

Serious engagement with the diaspora

With the African diaspora generating over $35bn of remittances annually, it is time to engage with them fully in the development of Africa and for their own enhanced emancipation.