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Who is telling Africa’s story?

How can we tell the African story, as told by Africans, if most of the media telling these stories is controlled  by foreigners?

A tale of three cities

Three cities demonstrate the often wide gulf between urban cultures and priorities and those of the areas surrounding them.

More dangerous than the female?

Nigerian authors continues to enthrall and surprise the world of literature. The latest to do so is Oyinkan Braithwaite with her debut novel, My Sister, …

Coming to terms with generation Z

The new Millennial, aka the ‘New African’, as our 28-year-old columnist finds out, is almost a different species of human being.

What is behind the hounding of Semenya?

Once again, South Africa’s superb middle distance runner, Caster Semenya found herself in the crosshairs of the IAAF – ordered to bring down her levels …