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We must stop Ethiopia tearing itself apart

Africa cannot sit on its hands and let this great and ancient nation tear itself to pieces while we fiddle with protocols, says New African editor Anver Versi.

Africa Cup of Nations promises feast of skills

The Africa Cup of Nations is all set to roll out in January in Cameroon. With a host of top international club players on display, the tournament promises a feast of very high quality soccer and individual skills, says .

Give African youth the space to dissent

African youth are being driven to extremes – if they speak out they risk the wrath of government oppression but if they remain silent they risk falling into despair, says Moky Makura.

We are winning the war over stolen artefacts

As a result of the campaign to return stolen African artefacts to the continent many Western countries are now returning objects. Resistance remains but victory is inevitable, says Onyekachi Wambu.