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Straight and crooked thinking

Why have so many people allowed themselves to be taken in by cranks peddling conspiracy theories during the pandemic? Editor Anver Versi examines the muddled thinking that lies behind the problem.

Covid has failed to kill my dream

The imposition of lockdown measures shattered the dreams of millions of young Africans. Kenyan music producer Wachira Warukira recounts how he and many others have innovated in order to survive. 

Saving lives and livelihoods in Africa

The Mastercard Foundation and Africa CDC have announced a new partnership dedicated to enabling Covid-19 vaccination in Africa and supporting Africa’s long-term health security.

Who is to blame for vaccine inequality?

Who is to blame for the vaccine inequality that has pushed Africa to the back of the queue? The answers are not so obvious as they first seem, says Moky Makura.