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Crisis bites deeper

With political leaders in prison, a war with Boko Haram and separatist agitation in the English-speaking regions, Cameroon finds itself in the depths of an …

Don’t fan flames of hatred in Cameroon

In this piece, the Cameroonian international film- maker, Moise Shewa*, who considers himself an Anglophone, takes strong issue with what he calls ‘celebrity endorsement’ of …

The origins of Boko Haram

By Peter Ezeh The Boko Haram movement began in 2002 as a pro-Islam anti-establishment cult in Nigeria’s extreme north-eastern state of Borno, which borders northern …

Life as a Boko Haram hostage

Boko Haram attacked traditional ruler Seini Boukar Lamine’s town, kidnapped him and his family and held them hostage for two and a half months.