0 Trevor Noah “Africa Won The World” remark outrages French government
Trevor Noah “Africa Won The World” remark outrages French government. And he hits back!

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Trevor Noah “Africa Won The World” remark outrages French government. And he hits back!

Trevor Noah – the South African host of the popular US satire The Daily show, has sparked rage and debate over his reaction to France’s win of the Football World Cup. But check out the South African comedian’s response to the outrage.

The popular comedian and political satirist initially raised controversy, soon after the French win, when he posted to his 2.5 million Instagram followers, an illustrated picture of African refugees on a packed boat carrying the World Cup , with a big hand sticking out of the map of to France, reaching for the trophy. The post attracted almost 190,00 likes.

The majority players fielded in the winning French team, are of African ancestry. Read our Guest Column contribution on the issue here.

Noah later joked on his award-winning show, that Africa won the world cup to the chagrin of the French government prompting the French ambassador to the US, Gerard Araud to chide the TV host in a strongly-worded tirade.

Trevor Noah responded to the letter in his classic truth-to-power style stating unapologetically that France should not erase the African-ness of its black players.

“When I’m saying ‘African’ I’m not saying it to exclude them from their French-ness, I’m saying it to include them in my African-ness… Why can’t they be both? Why can’t they be African too?…So, you can’t be French and African at the same time? Which I vehemently disagree with,” he said on the Daily Show’s spin-off – Between-the-Scenes

Trevor’s reaction to the French ambassador is a must-watch. See below.


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