South Africa


Is South Africa on brink of state collapse?

South Africa is going through very tough times, but the critics haven’t reckoned with the determination of the people to rise above their problems, says Ivor Ichikowitz.

Mandela, a man in full

Former anti-apartheid campaigner and UK Cabinet Minister Peter Hain reminisces about his encounters with the great Nelson Mandela.

South Africa: to leave or not to leave?

The youth of South Africa are beset with a painful disappointment in their leaders and the status quo, and we’re starting to imagine a future elsewhere, writes Kelebogile Motswatswa.

Zambia’s youth lift Hichilema to top of power hill

In his sixth run for the presidency of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema eschewed economic jargon and spoke the language of the people, especially the youth. Voters rewarded him with a crushing win over longtime rival Edgar Lungu.