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‘We Are Fed Up With Bad Treatment’

African immigrant workers marched across Europe to draw attention to the exploitation of their labour by unscrupulous European employers. They also want EU governments to …

Black Groups Challenge The ICC

A 27-person delegation from the New York-based December 12th Movement, and the Barbados-based International Association Against Torture, travelled to The Hague to petition the ICC …

The Colourful Message

For the African Diaspora in the UK, there is really only one radio station that is reliably delivering a relevant and varied offering of news, …

When Europeans Were Refugees In Africa

Today, when African refugees flee to Europe to seek asylum, they meet with hostility at European borders. But there was a time, such as before …

Don’t Call Me African-American

In 1988, Rev Jesse Jackson convinced America’s black population to adopt the term “African-American”. It has stuck for 24 years. But in recent months, a …

Cornel West Vs Obama

If President Barack Obama fails to win a second term in the White House in November, many African-Americans will blame the activist, author and academic, …