East Africa


The seven wonders of Djibouti

The government is determined to develop the country’s tourism potential, which is based on its natural wonders

Djibouti is 10 years ahead of rivals

Blessed with the region’s only deep-water port, at the entrance to the world’s third-busiest shipping lane, Djibouti is transforming itself into an ultra-modern logistics centre with the launch of its International Free Trade Zone

Putting Djibouti at the heart of global trade

Djibouti had little going for it when it became independent in 1977, but by exploiting its geographic position and putting into place well thought-out policies, it has developed into a global trading centre

The growing threat of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Africa

From the Sahel to Mozambique, terror attacks by groups affiliated to ISIS and Al-Qaeda have been on the increase in recent years. Al Venter takes a detailed look what is happening in the terror hotspots and how African countries and their allies are responding to the problem