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Paris Exhibition: The Human Zoo

Santorri Chamley reports on a Paris exhibition which brings to light the forgotten stories of thousands of non-white women and children and “imperfect” Europeans who …

Can They Kiss And Make Up?

A diplomatic spat which happened 5 years ago is embroiling two heads of state in tit-for-tat bickering, increasingly putting strain on relations between Zambia and …

Olympics: Down Memory Lane

With the much-heralded 2012 London Olympics fast approaching, Clayton Goodwin takes us through some memorable Olympians of African descent, whose heroism in the Games is …

SA Media Has A Lot To Answer For

As the South African media and opposition parties united against a new Protection of Information Bill introduced by the ruling African National Congress (ANC),

Tournament Venues

MALABO The capital of the country, with 120,000 people, is located on the north coast of Bioko Island (off the continental mainland in the Gulf …