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Kenya: Waiting For Godot

Kenyans know that general elections are imminent, but the actual date is shrouded in controversy, even though their new constitution clearly says it should be …

100 years of the ANC

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) turned 100 on 8 January 2012 and organised a lavish celebration in the city of Mangaung (formally Bloemfontein) …

Paris Exhibition: The Human Zoo

Santorri Chamley reports on a Paris exhibition which brings to light the forgotten stories of thousands of non-white women and children and “imperfect” Europeans who …

Can They Kiss And Make Up?

A diplomatic spat which happened 5 years ago is embroiling two heads of state in tit-for-tat bickering, increasingly putting strain on relations between Zambia and …

Olympics: Down Memory Lane

With the much-heralded 2012 London Olympics fast approaching, Clayton Goodwin takes us through some memorable Olympians of African descent, whose heroism in the Games is …