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When Gold Was Gold

A glistening new book entitled African Gold celebrates the enormous range of gold ornamental objects and jewellery of West Africa. Major gold fields had existed …

Nkrumah’s Lost Diary Going Home

A piece of Ghana’s political history – a diary belonging to former President Kwame Nkrumah – will soon return home, more than 40 years after …

The Umpteenth Resurrection Of Robert Mugabe

Speculation over President Robert Mugabe’s health has become as much political fodder as his controversial 32-year rule of Zimbabwe. But in the past month, while …

A Stitch-Up In Bamako?

The African Union and its collaborative regional organisations, such as ECOWAS, have made it abundantly clear that they do not favour violent changes of government …

Senegal: No Honeymoon For New President

After 12 years in power, President Abdoulaye Wade finally bowed out following defeat by his protégé and former prime minister, Macky Sall, in last month’s …