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Fighting for the right to remember

More museums and sites dedicated to the memory of slavery are being created, but they’re igniting debate, as Alecia McKenzie and Claire Oberon Garcia report. …

Photography : By Royal Appointment

Nigeria Monarchs introduces us to a way of life rarely glimpsed, with social roots as deep as any on the earth. These are some of …

Book review December 2016

  An insurgency in Nigeria by the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram has left thousands dead, shaken Africa’s biggest country and worried the world. Yet …

After Ebola

Geraldine Lamin celebrates her survival, and mourns those consumed by the epidemic two years ago. ‘My mother got sick first. She was a nurse in …

The Big Interview with Amma Asante

Ghanaian-born politician, Amma Asante, who became only the second African elected to the Dutch parliament, talks to Femi Akomolafe on immigration, racism in the Netherlands and …