African youth speaks


Why Africa must move beyond aid

Overdependence on aid is rendering the continent’s current development model unsustainable, argue Abigail Ashun-Sarpy and Jean-Philip Lawson.

Africa’s bold green pact

Gabon has become the first African country to be paid for reducing carbon emissions by protecting its rainforest in a move that could advance the continent’s sustainable development. Wanjohi Kabukuru reports

Creating the African dream: African youth speaks

The articles in our special report on African youth edited by six young Africans reveal a deep understanding of current African issues and an abiding love and warmth for the Mother Continent.

Covid has failed to kill my dream

The imposition of lockdown measures shattered the dreams of millions of young Africans. Kenyan music producer Wachira Warukira recounts how he and many others have innovated in order to survive. 

Ghana’s youth: resilience despite the odds

Is Africa a good place for its youth to fulfil their dreams? Guest editor Abigail Ashun-Sarpy thinks it is – precisely because it abounds with so many challenges for them.