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Most Influential Africans of 2021

New African editor Anver Versi welcomes readers once again to our annual celebration of the brightest and best Africans of the last year.

Rewriting the rules of the world of work

Gilbert Houngbo, President of IFAD, explains how his life-long quest for social justice has provided the moral compass that shaped his career.

Guyana calls for African diplomatic help

Guyana has called for diplomatic assistance from the African continent as it seeks to deter aggression from neighbouring Venezuela over a border dispute.

Still not easy being an African-American

African-Americans constitute 13% of the US population but 40% of its prison inmates. Experts attribute this alarming situation to racial discrimination perpetrated by America’s criminal …

When lynch mobs roamed free in the USA

The sanitisation of history appears to be gaining currency in the USA as people forget that 43 years before Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have …

Will Africa Scale Up To 21st Century Needs?

Education, as the key to development and prosperity, has provoked and dominated debate in post-independent Africa for more than 50 years now. Yet by and …