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#CelebrateAfrica | Challenge African stereotypes through your photography


#CelebrateAfrica | Challenge African stereotypes through your photography

New African magazine are teaming up with Picfair and Canon to launch the #CelebrateAfrica campaign, calling on residents of African to represent their diverse continent through their camera lens.

“Depiction of the continent is either through poverty or nature but there is plenty that goes amiss in between that,” says Omar Ben Yedder, the managing director of New African’s publishing group.

“The story in between is more representative of modern African life and it’s up to us to show the world that.”

Photography is a powerful medium with the ability to remould stereotypical perceptions and #CelebrateAfrica is our answer to this. Pick up a camera and show the world the Africa you want them to see, not that which they choose.

Enter the competition here: https://www.picfair.com/celebrateafrica and share your photos with us.

Scroll through some of the competition’s entries below.

The competition runs until the 15th of April. Prizes are on offer to 100 winners and range from new state-of-the-art cameras and equipment to an all-expense paid trip. We encourage all with a camera to join, because it’s not far you have to travel when capturing the effervescence of African life.

Vibrancy of city landscapes are often replaced by those of nature, ignoring the excitement of a rising middle class and the melting pot of cultures, arts and music that defines our unique continent. Transport people to bustling markets in Marrakech or to the contemporary art scenes in Cape Town.

We are providing those who experience the everyday Africa with the platform to show us their version of it, through the aspects of stimulating cityscapes to the power of its people.

Canon, Picfair and New African bring you the experience of celebrating heritage and modern Africa through a camera lens, shining the light where shadows have long lingered.


View some of the exquisite entries here. And view interviews with #CelebrateAfrica’s patrons here.

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