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So Blacks can invent?

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So Blacks can invent?

Prolific black inventors in Europe covered in the book include Dr Fisseha Mekuria from Sweden, who is a co-inventor with some 20 patents in cell phone technology; Olukayode Anthony Ojo of The Netherlands, a co-inventor with some 38 patents and Dereck A. Adeyemi Palmer, Jacob Kwaku Boateng, Kunle Onabolu and Paul Kaine from the United Kingdom while France, Germany, Italy, Russia and other countries registered a number of black inventors. 

In Australia, David Unaipon, an indigenous scientist and statesman, has several inventions and his face appears on the Australian 50 dollar note. 

Zambian patent holders listed in this book are Patrick Chilufya Chimfwembe, a Canadian-based co-inventor with some 16 patents in communication technologies. The book also outlines design patents, trademarks and innovators in the video game and film industry such as Todd Quincy Jefferson, as well as the trademarks of media, sport and music legends such as James Brown, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and Whitney Houston among others.

The works of black inventors have helped universities and corporations such as AT&T, British Telecommunications, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Advanced Micro-Devices Inc and IBM, and a host of other corporations including entertainment and media houses with multi-dollar businesses. 

New inventions

Since black inventors will never cease to be born, Black Inventors cannot be exhaustive in its coverage. It is remarkable to note that Holmes has continued working on such projects and is currently working on a further book that will explain the impact of the work of black inventors globally.

Cases to point out include Cyprian Emeka Uzoh, now a prolific inventor who has over 170 patents and was voted US inventor of the year in 2006. Jesse Eugene Russell is a technology thought- leader with some 75 patents and he is at the core of wireless communication technology.

Dr Sandra Baylor Johnson is a distinguished inventor and a former IBM employee who has over 40 US patents. An electrical engineer, she worked among other areas on parallel computing projects and on IBM’s Deep Blue chess-playing machine.

The American teenage inventor Tony Hansberry II, now pursuing medical studies, is the creator of a novel surgical technique for performing hysterectomy while two African students, Gerard Niyondiko and Moctar Dembele, developed from herbs a cheap mosquito repelling soap called the Faso Soap.  

The first European-based scientist to win the US-based Society of Manufacturing Engineers Total Excellence Award, in 2006, was the Nigerian proven leader and innovator in electronics manufacturing, Prof. Ndy Ekere, an electric and electronic engineer and head of the Electronics Manufacturing Research Group at the University of Greenwich in the UK. 

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