100 Most Influential Africans – Trevor Ncube

100 Most Influential Africans – Trevor Ncube
  • PublishedNovember 25, 2013

Trevor Ncube is a media entrepreneur who owns four newspapers in Zimbabwe (soon to be five) and two in South Africa. He is passionate about the media and the role it plays in economic development and empowering people in societies. He also firmly believes that societies with a free press tend to be ones that develop more rapidly. He speaks to New African’s correspondent, Sena Kpodo

I think what keeps me on fire is my conviction that things can only get better. Waking up in the morning, the enormity of the question “how do we do this” excites me to stay on the cutting edge of enabling Africa to talk to itself. Enabling Africa to tell its own story and convincing the world that we’re not second-rate citizens but we are world class. 

What I’m doing with the Zimbabwe and South Africa papers and AMI, is creating an environment where we’re in the conversation. I think everything in life starts with an idea, a conversation. One thing we must have is a culture and tradition of being tolerant to views that we don’t agree with, ensuring the conversation embraces as many people as possible. Be it on social, digital online or printed media platforms. I believe my role is that of an enabler, my role is that of creating platforms where we have these conversations, helping us to engage as people. 

I’m excited by the young people we come across, who have passion for the African continent, who are coming back to contribute to building the continent, who are beginning to have an influence in the narrative about Africa, who are beginning to see Africa through a different lens, and are beginning to say we have the responsibility as Africans to address the problems of Africa, irrespective of a colonial past. The youth for me is a huge opportunity, as are our resources, oil, gas. The fact that China’s hunger for resources is bringing tremendous attention to the African continent, is making the rest of the world look at Africa seriously, not just as a partner where we engage for resources but where we engage in trade.

I have no doubt in my mind that the media has a huge role to play in empowering the African people all across the continent.

“One thing we must have is a culture and tradition of being tolerant to views that we do not agree with, ensuring that our dialogue embraces as many people as possible.”

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