Jay Naidoo speaks about Nelson Mandela

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Jay Naidoo speaks about Nelson Mandela

In 1994, I was asked by President Nelson Mandela to join his government (the first ever black-led government in South Africa). I served as his Minister of Reconstruction and Development but when Mandela left leadership, I left too, because I’m not a politician, I’m a political activist and there is a big difference between the two. He speaks to New African’s correspondent, Sena Kpodo

“It was better to die fighting for political freedom than to live under apartheid.”

I come from South Africa, lived under apartheid and when I was four years old, we were evicted from our home because we had the wrong colour of skin. 

From a very early age you knew what apartheid was because it took away your human dignity, it’s like someone comes and steals your personality. So you become militant, you become political, you become very angry, and that’s what I was, I became very angry. 

Growing up as a teenager I met Steve Biko, a great patriot and student leader who led the Black Consciousness Movement. I went to listen to him when I was 15 years old, it was in a crowded church hall. He made an important point: “Liberation can only start, once you liberate your mind.” It was in this that I found my anger now had a channel. It had a political cause to it. We could not live our lives of indignity and we had to make a choice to go out and fight for freedom. We had to. Because it was better to die fighting for political freedom than to live under apartheid, in which we felt inferior. So that was my early beginning.

Jay Naidoo in the Daily Maverick: “Over the years, his humour never failed him. When questioned on his fitness, he laughed: ‘Well, you know, the Apartheid regime enforced a racism in their prison diet. I, as an African, had to eat brown bread. When it was meat, it was without fat. Porridge was a daily diet. And we had to do manual work; unlike my white comrades who ate white bread and meat that was rich in fat.’”

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  1. Author Thumbnail Japhet Mwaya says:

    Jay Naidoo recalls of the ugly experience of being evicted because of having a wrong color of his skin. The question is:” who has the right color of his/her skin?” and “who is the judge of one’s skin color?” It is here where the human brain embarrasses me. The human has worked great miracles in this world like cybernetics, aeronautics, genetic engineering, space explorations…….but fails to work on human dignity and equality. It is ,indeed, very strange!

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