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State Projects

State Projects
  • PublishedMay 9, 2012

Warri Industrial Business Park, Delta State  

The Warri Industrial Business Park (WIPB), conceived as part of the Delta State Government’s strategy for transforming the state into an ideal business destination, will, on completion, be an integrated park comprising industrial, commercial and residential developments.

It will host factories, office complexes, commercial retail outlets, a hotel, residential apartment and recreational facilities.

In line with the state’s desire to develop an industrial base within sustainable development guidelines, green infrastructure such as clean water, healthy soils, recreational parks and adequate shading and shelter within the park, will be provided.

The WIBP will operate as a Free Trade Zone, with a full range of infrastructure and services that are independent of the public supply.

The Free Trade Zone status offers businesses operating within the park security, tax and labour benefits which will reduce their business costs considerably.

WIPB, which will have a gas supply and a pipeline network to facilitate the distribution of gas, is strategically situated within various states and national road and rail networks – it is a 5km drive from the Warri Airport and a 12km drive from the Warri Seaport.

Other facilities that will be available at the park will include:

•    An uninterrupted power supply direct from the grid.
•    A 100% up-time on power with a 110KV substation.
•    An abundant supply of potable water from both ground water and surface water sources.
•    A state-of-the-art IT/communication infrastructure with over 50,000 telephone lines.
•    A dedicated telephone exchange, cable and satellite links.
•    A high-quality internal road system of primary, secondary and local distribution roads.
•    An on-site sewage treatment plant and waste disposal system.
•    An efficient storm water drainage system.
•    Fire-fighting facilities.
•    A water treatment plant to treat water to WHO standards.
•    A helipad and private jetties.

Tinapa Free Trade Zone, Calabar, Cross River State   

The Tinapa Free Trade Zone & Resort is administered by the Business Resort Free Zone Company (TBRFZC), a subsidiary of Tinapa Business Resort Limited (TBRL).

The project site, measuring approximately 265 hectares of land, was on 15 August 2006 declared a Free Trade Zone, pursuant to the provisions of Section 1(1) of the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Act No. 63 of 1992.

Promoted by the Cross River State government under a Private Public Partnership (PPP), Tinapa is the realisation of a novel and exciting dream of establishing a Trade, Leisure and Entertainment hub for Africa.

It has:
•    Pre-built retail and wholesale accommodation amounting to an excess of 65,000m2.
•    An Open Exhibition Area for Trade Exhibitions and other events.
•    An entertainment strip that comprises spaces for a casino, an eight-screen digital cinema, restaurants, a nightclub and pubs. The entertainment centre also has a functional games arcade and a mini amphitheatre.
•    A man-made beach, where leisure events can be held.
•    Tinapa Lakeside Hotel, a 242-room three-star hotel, managed by African Sun Hotels, one of the continent’s leading hospitality managers.
•    A movie production studio commonly referred to as “Studio Tinapa”. It is the most modern film production studio in Nigeria.
•    A water park/leisure land, comprising a collection of children and adult-sized pools and water slides.
•    Parking space for about 4,000 cars, a truck terminal and a helipad.
•    An independent power plant that ensures an adequate and uninterrupted power supply to the Zone.
•    Over 6 km of perimeter fencing, with a good security network and a dedicated police post that provides security for the Zone, in conjunction with a team of private security organisations.
•    Efficient telecoms, water supplies and a good internal and external road network that ensures quick access to the adjourning manufacturing-based Calabar Free Trade Zone, the Calabar Port, and the Margaret Ekpo International Airport. 
•    Over 15 km of underground piping for sewage and storm water and a sewage treatment plant.

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