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The capital of the country, with 120,000 people, is located on the north coast of Bioko Island (off the continental mainland in the Gulf of Guinea) and on the rim of a sunken volcano. It has plane and ferry services to the mainland.

The city will host eight games, including the third-place match at Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, with its compact 15,250 capacity.


An Atlantic Ocean port city on the mainland, it’s the country’s most populous place, with 173,000 people. Once economically depressed, the city has been stimulated by the recent oil boom. It will stage the tournament’s opening game at the 40,000-capacity Estadio de Bata and is the venue for eight games including a semi-final.


Gabon’s capital and biggest city, with over 500,000 people, is probably the venue of choice for anyone travelling to watch games at the tournament. It will stage nine games, including the 12 February final.


Having a stadium with a capacity for 40,000, in a town with a population of just 22,000, Franceville is located at the end of the Trans-Gabon railway line, some 530 kilometres southeast from Libreville.

The birthplace of former President Omar Bongo, it’s an area of many waterfalls, close to the border with Congo. It will host seven games, up to the quarter-final stage.

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