A homage to Senegalese cinema – Afrykas and the magic box – wins top award at London’s Docuworld film festival

A homage to Senegalese cinema – Afrykas and the magic box – wins top award at London’s Docuworld film festival
  • PublishedAugust 10, 2022

A documentary by Spanish director Isabel Rivero-Vila stars Dakar locals sharing their passion for Senegal’s vibrant and unique cinematic history.

‘Afrykas and the Magic Box’, a film by Spanish director Isabel Rivero-Vila, has won ‘Best Picture’ at London’s inaugural Docuworld Fim Festival, which took place in Brixton’s Whirled Cinema earlier this month. It tells the story of Senegalese cinema through the testimonies of Dakar locals, who explore the importance of the mother figure in Senegalese society and share their passion for educating future generations.

Each year, the Docuworld Fim Festival will showcase documentaries by independent filmmakers, shining a light on untold stories from around the world. The best works shown at the festival can be watched on Breaking-TV, a ground-breaking streaming platform for films, documentaries and series by undiscovered talent. The app is available to download from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Isabel Rivero-Vila, the director of ‘Afrykas and the Magic Box’, said: “When I visited Senegal, fell in love with the people, and their passion for filmmaking. I am eternally grateful to the inspiring Dakar locals who so graciously shared their testimonies with me.

 “I am honoured to have received the Best Picture Documentary award at the Docuworld Film Festival. It was incredible to connect with other independent filmmakers through our shared passion for telling the unique stories of sometimes overlooked individuals.

“I am so happy that thanks to the Breaking-TV app, more people will be able to watch ‘Afrykas and the Magic Box’, and discover the vibrant and enchanting individuals who make Senegalese cinema what it is.” 

Anirban Roy, co-founder of Breaking-TV, said: “Congratulations to Isabel on her wonderful film, and to all the inspiring filmmakers who showcased their work at the Docuworld Film Festival. I can’t wait for more people to experience their films on the Breaking-TV platform.

“Isabel’s film is a beautiful tribute to the uniqueness of Senegalese cinema, and it was so inspiring seeing its story told through the eyes of its most passionate supporters. Independent filmmaking has a vital role to play in telling stories that need to be heard, and allowing audiences to see the world in a new light.” 

The annual Docuworld Film Festival and its sister event, the Breaking-TV Film Festival, celebrate the best in British and international films, documentaries, short films and series from the world’s most innovative independent filmmakers. They offer a chance for independent filmmakers to see their work on the big screen, and network with cinema insiders.

This year, organisers of the Docuworld Film Festival received submissions from over 25 countries. Winners were selected from four finalists across four categories: Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Documentary, Best Picture Documentary, and Best Series Documentary. The Breaking-TV Film Festival will take place in London in January next year.

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