Africa’s treasure house of sweet melody

Africa’s unique sounds and musical traditions have been attracting global attention and love since the 1930s but seem to be scaling new heights this century. Gail Collins surveys the scene.

A rich harvest of African writing talent in 2022

Following a phenomenally successful 2021 for African writers, this year is also shaping up as another bumper harvest. Gail Collins reviews works from seasoned pens as well as those fresh to publication.

Lethal drones are a new menace to Africa

Ethiopia is at the forefront of a military trend in Africa that sees armed drones becoming an increasingly sought-after military option across the continent.

Beginning of the Afro-Asian Spring?

As people of African descent renegotiate their status within the Atlantic space, it is vital that Africa’s new role with the emerging Afro-Asiatic world is also tackled head-on, writes Onyekachi Wambu.

Africa’s Stockholm syndrome

Despite the degrading and abusive treatment African students faced in Ukraine, some wanted to remain there, in spite of the war. Why do we Africans return to our abuser time and time again? asks Moky Makura.