Where are Africa’s big ideas?

Omar Ben Yedder expresses his dismay at the dearth of big thinking coming from Africa and sets a challenge to the continent’s thinkers to come up with powerful new visions.

At 110, is the ANC a spent force?

Has the ANC succeeded in transforming from a liberation movement to an effective governing party or has it outlived its usefulness? Mushtak Parker reads the runes.

Is South Africa on brink of state collapse?

South Africa is going through very tough times, but the critics haven’t reckoned with the determination of the people to rise above their problems, says Ivor Ichikowitz.

Can Ethiopia finally cut its Gordian knot?

Following a stunning reversal of fortunes for government forces, can we now expect to see concrete moves towards a ceasefire and negotiations in Ethiopia? James Jeffery reports.

Events like AFCON bring Africans together

As we’ve seen from AFCON, some events encourage us to find out about other African countries and bring us together as Africans. Let’s have more of them, says Moky Makura.

AFCON is a winner for Cameroon

As Cameroon hosts the Africa Cup of Nations, Frederic Nonos looks at how the tournament has boosted the country’s infrastructure and united the nation behind its team.