Rekindling the hopes of Africa’s youth

Surveys indicate that African youth have lost faith in the current status quo and are looking for a future elsewhere. How can this be reversed? asks Onyekachi Wambu

Awards galore for The Milkmaid

Nigeria’s indefatigable banker-turned-film-maker Desmond Ovbiagele appears to have finally hit the big time with his searing depiction of the lives of two young Nigerian women taken hostage by extremists.

Is nationalism vanquishing internationalism?

It’s hardly surprising that the world is competing over vaccines when our era has seen nationalism vanquishing internationalism and unilateralism overwhelming multilateralism, says Lord Peter Hain. 

The healing power of art

The arts are the outstanding conveyor of a society’s cultural beliefs, practices, attitudes and values. Amandine Ndikumasabo considers how can we use them to heal.

Bukayo Saka: Gunning for greatness

Few young players have hit soccer stardom as quickly and emphatically as the Nigerian / British youngster Bukayo Saka. Profile by Michael Renouf.

Preparing for a knowledge economy in Africa

To catch up with the world’s technological advances, Africa’s education system needs to promote science and technology, says guest editor Amandine Ndikumasabo.