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Federal Ministry of Works & Housing (FMW&H)

In compliance with

Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) Act 2005 & National Policy on Public-Private Partnership (PPP)


1.0 Introduction

The Nigerian Federal Road Network totals approximately 35,000km in length, much of which is still in need of further expansion, rehabilitation and presently being hampered by limited budgetary allocations. The development of the Nigerian Federal road network presents an excellent investment opportunity for private sector participation. The Federal Government of Nigeria through the FMW&H is desirous of inviting interested firms or consortium to participate in the qualification process for the selection of concessionaires through an International Competitive Bidding (ICB). The terms and conditions for project implementation with selected concessionaires will be set out in the Concession Agreement to be mutually negotiated.

2.0 Project Objective

The overall objective of the selection process would be the successful procurement of concessionaires with the technical competence, managerial capacity, and financial resources to expand, re-align, rehabilitate and operate the road infrastructure for defined concession tenor for the optimal benefit of the country. The FMW&H developed the HDMI through the PPP arrangement and now invites interested firms or consortium to participate in a value-added concession initiative. The initiative entails expansion (including interchanges where necessary) and rehabilitation of the entire right of way whilst maximizing its economic viability to ensure the long-term sustainability of the initiative.

3.0 Project Scope

The main scope of the HDMI projects for the pilot PPP scheme include: the expansion, re-alignment, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the existing road pavements and bridges; construction of interchanges and pedestrian crossings; construction and operations of tolling facilities; installation of weighbridges and operations; installation and operation of intelligent traffic systems for highway remote monitoring; physical patrol of the highway, provision of towing services, ambulance service and refuse management. Work must be done in accordance with the Nigerian and globally accepted standards and specifications. Others include the provision of directional signages, rest areas, and highway illumination, etc. The pilot scheme covers 12 strategic road corridors packaged into the following routes:

4.0 Request for Qualification (RFQ)

Reputable and experienced private sector, prospective concessionaires are invited to submit a RFQ to undertake the scope (as outlined in the RFQ document) of the pilot HDMI scheme in partnership with the project sponsor, FMW&H. This RFQ is the qualification stage of the PPP procurement process for the project. Interested private-sector parties are required to meet the qualification requirements specified in the RFQ package. Only qualified parties shall be invited to the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage. Qualified parties shall execute a Non-disclosure Agreement prior to being issued with RFP bidding documents.

5.0 Eligibility Criteria and Method of Application Qualification of interested parties will be based on the following:

a. Detailed company/consortium profile: A brief description of the company or consortium stating ownership structure, business history, management/organizational structure, toll road development and operational capabilities, and any other relevant information.

b. Evidence of incorporation/registration

c. Letter of Intent, in case of a consortium, identifying the lead member of the consortium authorized to submit the RFQ and binding on all the members of the consortium.

d. Evidence of financial capacity, illustrated by evidence of good financial standing/net worth and Financial Letters of Support from credible financial institutions in support of the company or consortium’s ability to undertake the HDMI project with the sponsor, FMW&H.

e. Experience of undertaking similar projects illustrated by the following:

i. Toll road development and operations, investment financing of toll road globally.

ii. Expansion, re-alignment, rehabilitation, and financing of toll road projects.

iii. Development and management of sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects in host countries.

f. Experience and Expertise of Key Personnel as illustrated by Curriculum Vitae (CV) of key management staff with relevant experience working in similar project and at least 10 years in a relevant industry.

g. Experience/familiarity with Local Context

i. Delivery/financing of large-scale infrastructure

ii. Knowledge of and familiarity with the Nigerian market and business environment is encouraged.

iii. Knowledge of and familiarity with the relevant government agencies in Nigeria would be advantageous.

Note: The eligibility criteria is as contained in the RFQ document which interested parties MUST download from www.hdmi.worksandhousing.gov.ng Clarifications/enquiries may be sent via email to hdmi@worksandhousing.gov.ng

6.0 Method of Submission

The application shall be submitted electronically through the E-portal (https://hdmi.worksandhousing.gov.ng/). The application shall also include the submission (via courier) of one (1) printed and bound copy in a sealed and signed envelope clearly marked “Name of Company/Consortium (HDMI/VAC/RFQ 001) VALUE ADDED CONCESSION INITIATIVE”. Please note that the dispatch receipt MUST be uploaded with the electronic submission. The E-portal will close for submission at 12:00 Midnight (GMT+1) on 3rd May 2021.


a) Interested international parties are encouraged to partner with local firms in compliance with the requirements of the Federal Government of Nigeria local content development policy.

b) This notice shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of the FMW&H to award any form of contracts to any respondent(s) nor shall it entitle any organization submitting document to claim any indemnity from the FMW&H.

Signed: Permanent Secretary Federal Ministry of Works & Housing

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