Josina Z. Machel: We must end gender based violence

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Josina Z. Machel: We must end gender based violence

Josina Z. Machel of Mozambique/South Africa is a well-known Women Human Rights Defender. Following a horrific domestic violence attack that left her blind in one eye, she founded the Kuhluka Movement, a non-profit initiative that empowers women survivors of gender-based violence, to which she dedicates her life.

I trace my left eye across the horizon of humanity, watching the trend unfold. For African women resisting violence, we are swiftly becoming dust that falls through the cracks of the systems meant to protect us. As the pillars of society, a collective call for an end to gender-based violence (GBV) is our only mandate.

Mountains are formed when pain of eruption transforms into purpose. We are existing in unprecedented times, leaning on the edge of the cliff called humanity; out faith fading in the justice and health systems which have failed not only myself, but every Mozambican women and every African woman.

Perpetrators of violence and all those complicit operate with impunity in every home and on every street corner without eyes and ears in our favour.

If we successfully carry out the campaign to achieve Justice 4 All Women, we will shift the narrative by confronting our judicial systems which so often side with the aggressors.

We have the power in numbers with our brothers and sisters across the continent and we will not rest until every judicial system is transformed to take a victim and survivor centered approach.

The GBV pandemic in Africa is man-made and rampant, tainting every thread in the fabric of our societies. It is only fitting that my cry out echoes as Kuhluka, calling on a rebirth to ensure the safety and survival of every African woman. It is time to begin again and open up to an Africa where our daughters are born to bloom. 



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