Sudan’s 80-year Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq is the 2019 Prince Claus Laureate

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Sudan’s 80-year Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq is the 2019 Prince Claus Laureate

Renowned Sudanese artist Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq has been announced as the Prince Claus Laureate 2019.

The Prince Claus Laureate award in the Netherlands that recognises contributions to contemporary culture. Ishaq, a feminist icon, was one of the founders of the Khartoum School, a modernist art movement from the newly independent Sudan in the 1960s.

Much of her work focuses on distorted human faces with a demonic appearance. She describes her art as figurative abstraction, that draws on Arab and African traditions.

“Ishaq has remained active in organising exhibitions with younger generations of women artists,” said the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development. “Hence her participation in current social movements where women play a central, visible role.

She continues to be an intellectual catalyst and inspirational force among a younger generation of Sudanese artists.” Ishaq said that her most recent painting dealt with the uprising in Sudan that saw Omar al-Bashir ousted as President, and the subsequent crackdown by the security forces on pro-democracy protesters in Khartoum.

‘’I am still painting – it will be about what happened at the uprising, when all the people died in the massacre,’’ she said The artist said she lived near the area of the protests and saw many horrific sights: “We witnessed so many things, unbelievable.”


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