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COVER STORY: Did space warfare trigger Cyclone Idai?


COVER STORY: Did space warfare trigger Cyclone Idai?

The ferocity with which Cyclone Idai devastated parts of Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe, has been described as the worst natural disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere. Cyclones, storms, floods and droughts are nothing new in the world but the frequency with which these occurrences happen is new.  No doubt climate change has a lot to do with it. Human activity, we are now convinced, has caused a good deal of climate change and the culpable actions have been recognised. But there is growing evidence that there is another form of human interference aimed at controlling weather patterns which seems to have gone under the radar – for obvious reasons. This is the whole phalanx of electromagnetic warfare carried out by the global military superpowers. It should be kept in mind that when the notion that human industrial activity would lead to global warning was first articulated, it was dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Now we know better.In the same spirit, for our May 2019  Edition Cover Story, Baffour Ankomah has researched the extent and scope of this form of top secret warfare and its implications. Is man playing God and reaping catastrophic results?   

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Written by Baffour Ankomah

Baffour Ankomah is New African's current Editor at Large. He has spent much of his 39 years of journalism at the magazine, having served as its Assistant Editor for 6 years, Deputy Editor for 5 years, and Editor for 15 years, retiring from active service in 2014. In 39 years of his journalism career - Africa and his many causes have been his passion. His personal column, Baffour's Beefs, which has been running continuously in New African since 1987, is a big hit and a must-read for the magazine's worldwide readers. He is now based in Zimbabwe, where he and his wife Elizabeth run their own media consultancy and fashion house called "African Interest" which trades under the trademark "I am African".

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