Cyclone Idai: The face or future warfare?


Cyclone Idai: The face or future warfare?

The ferocity with which Cyclone Idai devastated parts of Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe, has been described as the worst natural disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere. Cyclones, storms, floods and droughts are nothing new in the world but the frequency with which these occurrences happen is new.  No doubt climate change has a lot to do with it. Human activity, we are now convinced, has caused a good deal of climate change and the culpable actions have been recognised. But there is growing evidence that there is another form of human interference aimed at controlling weather patterns which seems to have gone under the radar – for obvious reasons. This is the whole phalanx of electromagnetic warfare carried out by the global military superpowers. It should be kept in mind that when the notion that human industrial activity would lead to global warning was first articulated, it was dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Now we know better. In the same spirit, for our May 2019  Edition Cover Story, Baffour Ankomah has researched the extent and scope of this form of top secret warfare and its implications. Is man playing God and reaping catastrophic results?   

The UN has called it the worst weather-related natural disaster to hit the southern hemisphere in all history. Cyclone Idai made landfall on 14 March 2019, flattening Mozambique’s coastal city of Beira, damaging about 100,000 houses there, before veering off to southern Malawi and Zimbabwe’s picturesque Eastern Highlands districts of Chimanimani and Chipinge. Masvingo Province was also touched but fared better than its neighbours. 

In the Beira area, the torrential rains that came with Idai created an inland ocean the size of Luxembourg, according to some reports. In Zimbabwe, Idai caused massive landslides that sent mud and rocks hurtling down the slopes of mountains, destroying villages and sweeping away their inhabitants in the huge floods that followed. Zimbabwean rivers empty into the sea through Mozambique, so the bodies of the swept-away villagers ended up floating in the floodwaters in Mozambique, where the unidentified were later buried. 

The human death toll in the three affected countries had risen to over 1,000 at the time of writing. Thousands more were missing, and scores of thousands more had been left homeless. Others were battling with cholera in Mozambique. 

The damage to the physical infrastructure in the three countries is incalculable. Being predominantly agricultural countries, the crops that were nearing harvest, and hundreds of thousands of livestock (cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc) were washed away by the rampaging floods.

Ironically Idai means ‘love’ in Shona, the language that predominates in the worst-affected areas. Shona is Zimbabwe’s main language, but it is also spoken across the border in Mozambique. It is said that the Zimbabwe Meteorological Department chose the name for the cyclone. But what is in a name? This Idai, however, had no love in its soul and made it abundantly clear. 

Idai’s extraordinary ferocity and the sheer magnitude of its destruction have led some people in and outside Africa to ask if electromagnetic/geophysical warfare caused the cyclone. 

Invisible war machine

Their concerns are informed by the view of Fred Bucks, a former US military interpreter who now writes for the Canada-based media group, Global Research. 

In a major article published by Global Research in 2010 and recently reprinted, titled HAARP: Secret Weapon Used for Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare, Bucks says matter-of-factly: “Of course disasters like [Idai] happen regularly on a natural basis yet if you begin to research, there is some high strangeness around some of these disasters. The evidence is inconclusive, yet with the known and unknown major destructive capabilities of [electromagnetic/geophysical] weapons, serious questions remain.”

Bucks’ article built on work done earlier on electromagnetic warfare by three documentaries, aired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the History Channel, and The History Channel documentary was titled ‘Invisible Machine, Electromagnetic Warfare’. 

Bucks’ piece came with a full health warning, knowing the subject he was dealing with. “The CBC, History Channel and documentaries quoted in this article can now be viewed,” he wrote. “They by no means can be considered as ‘conspiracy theorists’. Moreover, the US Air Force has referred to ‘owning the weather for military use.’ ”

Here, Bucks was referring to an eye-popping quote from a major US military publication, AF 2025 Final Report, published by the Air University of the US Air Force (which was referenced as: on the US Air Force website).Incidentally the original link has been removed by the US Air Force, seeing now the huge implications of the confession.

In the quote in question, the US Air Force admits that: “Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. 

“The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather … and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power.”

In effect, “the ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather and the production of artificial weather” is not conspiracy theory of the sort people tend to dismiss. Such weapons do exist, and the holders of those weapons, principally the US and Russia, do not mind using them – in test runs and also live in war.

Since 1997, America’s stated goal has been “full spectrum dominance” of the world in outer space by the year 2020, which is just one year away. This is enunciated in a ‘2020 Vision’ programme adopted by the US Space Command (USSPACECOM) in February 1997.

In the preamble of the Vision 2020 policy paper, General Howell M. Estes III, the then US Air Force Commander-in-Chief, stated: “As stewards for military space, we must be prepared to exploit the advantages of the space medium. This Vision serves as a bridge in the evolution of military space into the 21st century and is the standard by which United States Space Command and its components will measure progress into the future.”

The Vision 2020 policy paper explains that: “The end result of these enablers and concepts [i.e., information superiority and technological innovation] is Full Spectrum Dominance … The emerging synergy of space superiority with land, sea, and air superiority, will lead to Full Spectrum Dominance…” 

Fourth medium of warfare

To leave nobody in doubt, the Vision 2020 policy paper emphasises that “the two principal themes of the USSPACECOM vision are: dominating the space medium and integrating space power throughout military operations. Today, the United States is the preeminent military space power. Our vision is one of maintaining that pre-eminence – providing a solid foundation for our national security.”

In the History Channel documentary, US Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich takes a different tack. “Washington has been looking at Vision 2020, a programme for the US to dominate the world from outer space,” he says. “Now I love America [he smiles] and I like to say that we are number one, but let me tell you something, we don’t need to be number one in weapons in space. 

“The Department of Defence has been working from a facility in Alaska which is still in research into the effects of electromagnetic frequencies in the ionosphere, and that facility, which is called HAARP, has raised concerns among many individuals about how this research will be applied. 

“For example, we know that, according to some of the research, as… energy pulses are directed into the ionosphere, they can have some negative weather effect,” Kucinich concedes.

The History Channel itself made this categorical statement in the documentary: “Electromagnetic weapons pack an invisible wallop hundreds of times more powerful than the electrical current in a lightning bolt. One can blast enemy missiles out of the sky, another could be used to blind soldiers on the battlefield, still another to control an unruly crowd by burning the surface of their skin. If detonated over a large city, an electromagnetic weapon could destroy all electronics in seconds. They all use directed energy to create a powerful electromagnetic pulse.”

The documentary goes on: “Directed energy is such a powerful technology it could be used to heat the ionosphere to turn weather into a weapon of war. Imagine using a flood to destroy a city or tornadoes to decimate an approaching army in the desert.

“The military has spent a huge amount of time on weather modification as a concept for battle environments. If an electromagnetic pulse went off over a city, basically all the electronic things in your home would wink and go out, and they would be permanently destroyed.”

Fred Bucks adds for good measure: “For those who still doubt that such devastating secret weapons have been developed, here is an intriguing quote from an article in New Zealand’s leading newspaper, the New Zealand Herald: 

‘Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal. United States defence chiefs said that if the project had been completed before the end of the [Second World] war, it could have played a role as effective as that of the atomic bomb. 

‘Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the [New Zealand] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1999.’ ”

Shivers down the spine

Even the most cursory research on Project Seal, such as on Wikipedia, sends shudders down one’s spine: “The tsunami bomb,” Wikipedia reports, “was an attempt during World War II to develop a tectonic weapon that could create destructive tsunamis. The project commenced after US Navy Officer E. A. Gibson noticed small waves generated by explosions used to clear coral reefs. 

“The idea was developed by the United States and New Zealand military in a programme codenamed Project Seal. The weapons concept was deemed feasible, but the weapons themselves were never fully developed or used. A related concept, the ‘bouncing bomb’ was developed and used in World War II, to be dropped into water as a means to destroy German dams and cause loss of industrial capacity and widespread flooding.”

Project Seal first came to light during research by a New Zealand documentary filmmaker, Rau Waru (author of Secrets and Treasures: Our Stories Told Through the Objects). He examined military files buried in New Zealand’s national archives and found the shocking material in a box sitting on the desk of an official who was contemplating whether to stop releasing it because the Russians might be considering doing the same thing. 

Waru says: “Presumably if the atomic bomb had not worked as well as it did, we might have been tsunami-ing people.” He says the initial testing was positive but the project was finally shelved in January 1945. Yet the New Zealand authorities continued to produce reports on the experiments well into the 1950s.

“It was absolutely astonishing,” Waru says. “First that anyone would come up with the idea of developing a weapon of mass destruction based on a tsunami … and also that New Zealand seems to have successfully developed it to the degree that it might have worked.

“If you put it in a James Bond movie it would be viewed as fantasy but it was a real thing. I only came across it because they were still vetting the report, so there it was sitting on somebody’s desk [at the national archives].”

Water as a deadly weapon

To be fair, it is not only the Americans and their allies who have experimented and in fact succeeded in producing electromagnetic or geophysical weapons. The Russians have been in it up to their eyeballs, and China may now have them too.  

In early 1999, Colonel Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking Russian military spy to defect to the West, told an American radio host that Russia wanted to launch a satellite into space, which, after reaching its orbit, would, when prompted from a base station on earth, unfold a giant mirror that would conduct high energy light back to cities on earth to blind people. According to the American radio host, Lunev said Russia had secret geophysical weapons that could cause earthquakes and storms. 

In 2011, weeks after the tsunami that devastated Japan in March of that year, the colourful Russian politician and former Presidential candidate, Vladimar Zhirinovsky (leader of the LDPR party, formerly the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) claimed that “Russia has [geophysical] weapons to put entire continents to sleep in minutes.” 

However, the geophysical weapons that the American and Russian scientists proudly attribute to ‘science’ may not be scientific per se. In the Christian Bible, during Noah’s day, God destroyed the world with massive floods that rampaged for 150 days and rose 20 feet above the tallest mountains of the world. 

The Bible records at Genesis 7:11-24 that “in the 600th year of Noah’s life, on the 17th day of the second month, all the springs of the great deep burst forth and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. And rain fell on the earth 40 days and 40 nights … and for 40 days the flood kept coming on the earth… Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out, men and animals and the creatures of the air were wiped from the earth… The waters flooded the earth for 150 days.”

So, in essence, the delivery systems of the modern flood weapons may be ascribed to science, but the knowledge of water or flood as a deadly weapon has been with us since Noah.

However, Fred Bucks is left asking: “If the military secretly developed a weapon which could cause a tsunami over half a century ago [in fact 74 years ago], what kind of advanced deadly weapons might be available now? 

“And why is it that the general public still doesn’t know about secret weapons developed over 50 years ago? Clearly the military has the capability to cause a tsunami and likely to cause earthquakes and hurricanes as well. It’s time for us to take action to spread the word on this vital topic.”

Bucks goes on: “Having interpreted for top generals in my work as a language interpreter with the US Department of State, I learned that military planners are always interested in developing the most devastating weapons possible. Yet these weapons are kept secret as long as possible, allegedly for reasons of national security. The many layers of intense secrecy both in the military and government result in very few people being aware of the gruesome capabilities for death and destruction that have been developed over the years… 

“Some researchers have raised questions about the possible involvement of HAARP in major disasters like the earthquake in Haiti, Indonesian tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina. Could these have been HAARP experiments gone awry? Might they even have been caused by rogue elements who gained control of this devastating technology?”

HAARP stands for “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme”, a little-known but critically important American electromagnetic (or weather-control) programme hidden in the cold recesses of Alaska, though HAARP itself is a non-classified project run by the US military.

Now the question we are labouring to answer in this cover story is: Did electromagnetic/geophysical warfare cause Cyclone Idai? It is a question that needs time and space to answer.  NA


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Written by Baffour Ankomah

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