Four more years for Buhari; State-by-state: how Nigeria voted; why Atiku rejects “sham” win

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Four more years for Buhari; State-by-state: how Nigeria voted; why Atiku rejects “sham” win

President Muhammadu Buhari has secured second term after last weekend’s presidential elections in Nigeria, the INEC has confirmed. But losing opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar has rejected the result as a “sham” victory which he will challenge in court. Reports reGina Jane Jere

Despite protestations from the losing opposition People’s Democratic Party  (PDP) calling for a delay in making the announcement, the Chief Returning Officer of the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC) – Mahmood Yakubu declared the incumbent Muhammadu Buhari the official winner of the 23 February presidential  poll.

The final total  was announced as 15, 191,847 votes for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) against Atiku Abubakar’s PDP final of 11,262 978 votes.

The overall total number of registered voters in this election was 82,344,107, but only 28,614,190 votes were cast, out of which 1,289,607 were invalidated.

“…Muhammadu Buhari of the APC, having satisfied the requirements of the law and scored the highest number of the votes is hereby declared the winner and is returned elected,” Yakubu declared.

Buhari took to twitter to acknowledge his win urged his supporters to be humble in victory while denouncing violence: “…I am profoundly grateful to you for judging me worthy of continuing to serve … I would like to make a special appeal to my supporters not to gloat or humiliate the opposition. Victory is enough reward for your efforts…[but] I am very sad at the grievous loss of lives during these elections. Security agencies will step up their efforts to protect voters in the forthcoming State elections,” he wrote.

Nigerians will be voting in Governorship, State Assembly and FCT Area Council Elections on 9 March.

But Buhari’s challenger, and one time ally Atiku Abubakar has rejected the result outright, calling it a “sham” and that he will “not allow democracy to be emasculated”. He added one further calling Nigeria “the world headquarters for extreme poverty.”

Out of the 36 states, 19 voted APC giving the ruling party almost 56% of the vote

Kano State produced the highest number of votes for APC  at 1,464,768  compared to the PDP, which polled 391,593 in the state.

Buhari’s home state gave him the second highest vote of 1,232,133. Surprisingly, Atiku’s  home state of Adamawa gave the PDP: 410,266 votes to APC’s 378,078.

The PDP’s highest vote came from the Delta state at 594,068 to APC’s  221,292.

Atiku rejects “sham” results

Details of Atiku’s court challenge are yet to follow, but he was categorical about his next move:

“With regards to the Presidential elections that took place on February 23, 2019, it is clear that there were manifest and premeditated malpractices in many states which negate the results announced…One obvious red flag is the statistical impossibility of states ravaged by the war on terror generating much higher voter turnouts than peaceful states. The suppressed votes in my strongholds are so apparent and amateurish, that I am ashamed as a Nigerian that such could be allowed to happen. How can total votes in Akwa-Ibom, for instance, be 50% less than what they were in 2015?,” Atiku Abubakar decried in a strongly-worded statement he shared to his 747,000 facebook followers.

He added: “If I had lost in a free and fair election, I would have called the victor within seconds…However, in my democratic struggles for the past three decades, I have never seen our democracy so debased as it was on Saturday…Consequently, I hereby reject the result of the February 23, 2019 sham election and will be challenging it in court.”

State-by-State APC vs PDP – how Nigeria voted

Below are the full results tally


APC: 150,710

PDP: 473,971

Total No: Reg Voters:3,215,273

Total No: of Accredited:678,167

Total Votes Cast:666,585

Total Valid Votes:642,165 

Rejected Votes: 24,420


APC: 438,682

PDP: 125,423

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,717,128

Total No: of Accredited: 616,168

Total Votes Cast: 597,224

Total Valid Votes:  578,439

Rejected Votes: 18,785


APC: 581,552

PDP: 154,282

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,802,697

Total No: of Accredited: 835,238

Total Votes Cast:803,755

Total Valid Votes:756,605

Rejected Votes:47,150


APC: 490,333

PDP: 361,604

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,895,266

Total No: of Accredited: 950,107

Total Votes Cast: 925,940

Total Valid Votes: 871,891

Rejected Votes: 54,049


APC: 118,821

PDP: 197,933

Total No: Reg Voters:923,182

Total No: of Accredited:344,237

Total Votes Cast:335,856

Total Valid Votes:321,767

Rejected Votes:14,089


APC: 221,292

PDP: 594,068

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,719,313

Total No: of Accredited: 891,647

Total Votes Cast: 882,254

Total Valid Votes: 829,762 

Rejected Votes: 52,492


APC: 836,496

PDP: 71,788

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,319,434

Total No: of Accredited: 987,290

Total Votes Cast: 955,205

Total Valid Votes:  919,786

Rejected Votes: 35,419




Total No: Reg Voters: 2,119,727

Total No: of Accredited: 695,677

Total Votes Cast: 605,140

Total Valid Votes: 578,775

Rejected Votes: 26,365


APC: 117,302

PDP: 295,737

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,512,915

Total No: of Accredited: 461,033

Total Votes Cast: 446,046

Total Valid Votes: 421,901

Rejected Votes: 24,145


APC: 324,906


Total No: Reg Voters:1,777,105

Total No: of Accredited: 756,111

Total Votes Cast: 741,564

Total Valid Votes: 712,877

Rejected Votes: 28,687


APC: 1,232,133

PDP: 308,056

Total No: Reg Voters:3,210,422

Total No: of Accredited:1,628,865

Total Votes Cast:1,619,185

Total Valid Votes:1,555,473

Rejected Votes:63,712



PDP: 391,593

Total No: Reg Voters:5,391,581

Total No: of Accredited:2,006,410

Total Votes Cast:1,964,751

Total Valid Votes:1,891,134

Rejected Votes:73,617




Total No: Reg Voters:2,423,381

Total No: of Accredited:1,074,042

Total Votes Cast:1,062,862

Total Valid Votes:1,034,853

Rejected Votes:28,009


APC: 140,463

PDP: 334,923

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,037,569

Total No: of Accredited: 585,741

Total Votes Cast: 542,777

Total Valid Votes: 511,586

Rejected Votes: 31,191


APC: 347,668

PDP: 356,817

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,391,276

Total No: of Accredited: 786,069

Total Votes Cast: 763,872

Total Valid Votes: 728,912

Rejected Votes: 34,960


APC: 267,842

PDP: 275,691

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,150,127

Total No: of Accredited: 604,915

Total Votes Cast: 599,228

Total Valid Votes: 560,711

Rejected Votes: 38,517


APC: 281,762

PDP: 194,655

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,336,887

Total No: of Accredited: 613,397

Total Votes Cast: 605,938

Total Valid Votes: 564,256

Rejected Votes: 41,682


APC: 580,825

PDP: 448,015

Total No: Reg Voters: 6,313,507

Total No: of Accredited: 1,196,490

Total Votes Cast: 1,156,590

Total Valid Votes: 1,089,567

Rejected Votes: 67,023


APC: 798,428

PDP: 209,313

Total No: Reg Voters:2,453,512

Total No: of Accredited:1,075,330

Total Votes Cast:1,061,955

Total Valid Votes:1,024,307

Rejected Votes:37,648


APC: 378,078

PDP: 410,266

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,959,322

Total No: of Accredited:874,920

Total Votes Cast:860,756

Total Valid Votes:811,534

Rejected Votes:49,222


APC: 33,298

PDP: 524,738

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,389,332

Total No: of Accredited: 675,273

Total Votes Cast: 625,035

Total Valid Votes:605,734

Rejected Votes:19,301


APC:  993,445

PDP: 649,612

Total No: Reg Voters: 3,861,033

Total No: of Accredited: 1,757,868

Total Votes Cast: 1,709,005

Total Valid Votes: 1,663,603

Rejected Votes: 45,402


APC:  794,738

PDP: 289,895

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,104,889

Total No: of Accredited: 1,171,801

Total Votes Cast: 1,149,922

Total Valid Votes: 1,106,244

Rejected Votes: 43,678


APC: 612,371

PDP: 218,052

Total No: Reg Voters: 2,375,568

Total No: of Accredited: 911,964

Total Votes Cast: 896,976

Total Valid Votes: 851,937

Rejected Votes:45,039


APC: 90,726

PDP: 258,573

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,392,931

Total No: of Accredited: 391,747

Total Votes Cast: 379,394

Total Valid Votes: 359,131

Rejected Votes: 20,263


APC: 54,423

PDP: 355,553

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,935,168

Total No: of Accredited: 452,765

Total Votes Cast: 451,063

Total Valid Votes: 421,014

Rejected Votes: 30,049


APC: 497,914

PDP: 50,763

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,365,913

Total No: of Accredited: 601,059

Total Votes Cast: 586,137

Total Valid Votes: 559,365

Rejected Votes: 26,772


APC:  85,058

PDP: 219,698

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,793,861

Total No: of Accredited: 361,561

Total Votes Cast: 344,471

Total Valid Votes: 323,291

Rejected Votes: 21,180




Total No: Reg Voters: 1,812,567

Total No: of Accredited: 598,586

Total Votes Cast: 586,827

Total Valid Votes: 555,994

Rejected Votes: 30,833


APC: 402,961

PDP: 138,484

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,385,191

Total No: of Accredited: 604,240

Total Votes Cast: 580,649

Total Valid Votes: 554,203

Rejected Votes: 26,446


APC: 285,894

PDP: 218,207

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,640,449

Total No: of Accredited: 570,773

Total Votes Cast: 553,496

Total Valid Votes: 521,016

Rejected Votes: 32,480


APC: 289,903

PDP: 283,847

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,509,481

Total No: of Accredited: 613,720

Total Votes Cast: 599,399

Total Valid Votes: 580,778

Rejected Votes: 18,621


APC: 308,984

PDP: 138,184

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,401 895

Total No: of Accredited: 489,482

Total Votes Cast: 486,254

Total Valid Votes: 459,676

Rejected Votes: 26,578


APC: 152,224

PDP: 259,997

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,335,015

Total No: of Accredited: 467,784

Total Votes Cast: 451,408

Total Valid Votes: 423,951

Rejected Votes: 27,457


APC: 219,231

PDP: 154,032

Total No: Reg Voters: 899,919

Total No: of Accredited: 395,741

Total Votes Cast: 393,709

Total Valid Votes: 381,132

Rejected Votes: 12,577


APC: 347,634

PDP: 337,377

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,674,729

Total No: of Accredited: 732,984

Total Votes Cast: 731,882

Total Valid Votes: 714,682

Rejected Votes: 17200

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