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Zimbabwe opposition candidate does not mind a Robert Mugabe vote

Zimbabwe opposition candidate does not mind a Robert Mugabe vote
  • PublishedJuly 29, 2018

Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader and presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa says he will welcome former President Robert Mugabe‘s  vote for his Movement for Democratic Change ( MDC) in tomorrow’s election. 

On the eve of Zimbabwe’s elections – the first post-Mugabe poll in the country’s history, the former leader said at a packed press conference that  he would not be voting for his successor and former ally  Emmerson Mnangagwa, and  intoned that he would rather see the youthful opposition leader Chamisa win highly anticipated poll.

Chamisa  reacted by saying he does not have any problem receiving “one more vote.”

“I have nothing to do with what President Mugabe would want to say as a voter,  he’s a citizen it’s not my duty as a candidate to go and choose voters we are not going to this election to choose voters , we are going to be chosen,  so if someone votes in my favour who am I to deny that extra vote. The more the merrier, you don’t choose and you don’t discriminate against voters,” according to  the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

The former long-term ruling President who has largely been out of limelight since his November 2017  fall from power that ended his more than three decades as president of Zimbabwe, gave the press conference on the eve of the much-anticipated elections in what many analysts see as a move to influence the vote.

“I cannot vote for the party or those in power who caused me to be in this condition. I cannot vote for them, I can’t,” M “He [Chamisa] seems to be doing well at his rallies … I wish him well…and I wish to meet him if he wins.” Mugabe said at the press conference at which he  was accompanied by his ill-reputed wife Grace.

Mugabe Press Conference full video  courtesy of Stewart Nyamayaro


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Regina Jane Jere

reGina Jane Jere is a Zambian-born London-based journalist and founding Editor of the New African Woman magazine the sister-publication of the New African magazine of which she was the Deputy Editor for over a decade. The mother of two juggles a wide-range of editorial and managerial duties, but she has particular passion on women’s health, education, rights and empowerment. She is also a former Zambian correspondent for Agence France Presse, and a former Africa Researcher at Index on Censorship. She writes extensively on a wide range of issues, from politics to women’s rights, media and free speech to beauty and fashion.

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