The energy conundrum

South Africa, Africa’s most industrialised country, is grappling with a serious energy shortfall. Complicating the energy issue further are political and environmental concerns about possible solutions – coal and nuclear – against the backdrop of the country’s high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Stephen Williams unravels the complex picture from the 7th African Energy Indaba in Johannesburg.

Asian money talking and competing in Comesa

Comesa brings together 19 African nations – spanning the Horn, north, east, central, southern and Indian Ocean African regions – to create one market with …

The great tech transformation

Digital developments are happening at such a remarkable pace in Africa that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Sena Kpodo reports from Accra, one …

Let’s get digital, digital

In Western countries, dating apps like Tinder attempt to create modern iterations of these signposts. In today’s social muddle, will Kenyans jump on the bandwagon?

Deracialising & transforming the Springboks

Rugby was once seen as the ultimate “white sport” in South Africa. Now, after yearsof concerted effort, it is deracialising, with a target to be transformed by 2019.

Electoral Commissions: No more “yes men”

Presidents’ yes men used to fill too many of the continent’s electoral commissions. Now, thanks to growing civic awareness and transparency, some of Africa’s election arbiters are moving firmly in the right direction. But ensuring free and fair elections is one hell of a job.