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Nigeria Election 2015: Defining a Nation

These are exciting times. Nigeria goes to the polls this month in what could be the most significant elections ever in Africa’s most populous nation. …

Buhari on course for victory in Nigeria’s historic election

Results from 18 states and the Federal Capital Territory, coupled with New African projections for the remaining 18, suggest that Muhammadu Buhari has taken a near unassailable lead over incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan in the electoral battle for the Nigerian presidency.

Nigerian election on a knife-edge

The outcome of Nigeria’s election remains on a knife-edge this evening, with a mere 20,000 votes separating incumbent Goodluck Jonathan from fierce rival Muhammadu Buhari as the election enter its final stages.

Electoral Commissions: No more “yes men”

Presidents’ yes men used to fill too many of the continent’s electoral commissions. Now, thanks to growing civic awareness and transparency, some of Africa’s election arbiters are moving firmly in the right direction. But ensuring free and fair elections is one hell of a job.

Celebrating Peter “Pan” Enahoro

The celebrations and eulogies have kept on going since the veteran Nigerian journalist Peter Enahoro turned 80 in January. Peter was once the Editor of …

Nigeria: What next?

Elections in Nigeria are a big event, but this month’s are the most momentous since the return to electoral rule in 1999. We may even …

The man who fought and won the Ebola war

When Nigeria was declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organisation last October, the news became a big story in itself, with naysayers expressing doubt, while …

Creole(ly) Nigerian

Nigeria is often broken down into simplistic differences: Muslim North, Christian South; North, West, East; Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa-Fulani. But Nigeria’s past, present and future are …