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Lesotho: A new era?

If Mosisili has novelty value, then it is only in comparison to Africa’s longest ruling presidents. He has already governed Lesotho for 14 years, and this will be his fourth term.

Nigerian election on a knife-edge

The outcome of Nigeria’s election remains on a knife-edge this evening, with a mere 20,000 votes separating incumbent Goodluck Jonathan from fierce rival Muhammadu Buhari as the election enter its final stages.

Electoral Commissions: No more “yes men”

Presidents’ yes men used to fill too many of the continent’s electoral commissions. Now, thanks to growing civic awareness and transparency, some of Africa’s election arbiters are moving firmly in the right direction. But ensuring free and fair elections is one hell of a job.

Who will win here? Part II

LAGOS STATE Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial powerhouse, would be competing with Ghana to be the second-largest economy in West Africa after Nigeria if it were an …

South Africa after the elections

Udo W. Froese writes about the post-election situation in South Africa and says political alliances will take the stage ready to do battle in 2019.