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Hassan Shehata, a legend of African football

After etching himself into the pantheon of continental football legends, as the only football manager to achieve the astounding feat of leading a national team …

Sisi’s Egypt: A desert mirage?

After three years in power, Egypt’s President Sisi is looking vulnerable as foreign funding and public patience run out over his failure to tackle the country’s longstanding economic crisis.

The anatomy & economics of a revolution

They called it an “Arab Spring” when President Hosni Mubarak’s government was overthrown in February 2011 after weeks of massive protests across Egypt. Mubarak’s successor, …

Where goes the Egyptian game?

After a forced one-year break, the national championship resumes. But the consequences of the Port Said tragedy loom large, reports James Montague.

Morsi and the Egyptian “revolution”

If a constitution is to be a living document and achieve constitutionalism, it must have the consensus of, if not all the citizens, about 90% …