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March 2012

Is the ICC fit for purpose? This month issue finds out.

Who Will Head World Bank?

Two clear camps have already emerged: those who want a continuation of the informal agreement that the head of the World Bank must be an …

A False Dawn Beckons

The emergence of debutantes at the last Nations Cup finals is, sadly, indicative of an alarming decline in playing standards, for which African football will …

Zambia: Copper Bullets Reign Supreme

Hardly given a chance of winning the Cup of Nations, Zambia’s fairytale victory is a heart-warming testimony to the power of fortitude and team work, …

Blood, Tears And Anger

With many people dying in one of the continent’s worst stadium tragedies, Egyptian football plunges to an all-time low, as

The Politics Of International Criminal Law

There is an unspoken truth about international criminal law as currently practiced. It is that certain individuals from certain countries will never find themselves indicted …

Court Rise, Enter Your Honours!

ICC judges are appointed not because they are the best legal minds in the world, but because of backroom vote trading. As

Who Pays For The ICC?

If there is still merit in the saying “he who pays the piper calls the tune”, then one only needs to look at the funders …